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Throughout my treatment and recovery process I've wanted to educate myself on what is happening to my body, learn how to cope with how difficult this process is, find people that could relate, seek advice and renew my mind. Every resource on this page I have personally read, viewed or attended and found helpful! I hope they help you too!




Crash The Chatterbox

Overpowering lies of insecurity, fear, condemnation, and discouragement with the promises of God.

Steven Furtick

Nourishing Wisdom

This book will change your attitude towards your body, and provide a foundation for developing a healthful relationship with food. Combining the principles of nutritional awareness, personal growth, and body psychology, Nourishing Wisdom provides practical methods for redefining the role food plays in our lives.

Marc David

Restoring Our Bodies, Reclaiming Our Lives.

Author Aimee Liu has woven together dozens of first-person accounts of recovery to create a break-through roadmap for healing from an eating disorder.

Aimee Liu

Goodbye ED, Hello Me

In Goodbye Ed, Hello Me Jenni shows you that being fully recovered is not just about breaking free from destructive behaviors with food and having a healthy relationship with your body; it also means finding joy and peace in your life.

Jenni Schaefer

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"Phases Of Recover From An Eating Disorder"

Gwyneth Olwyn - The Eating Disorder Institute

Even when you’re working with a treatment team specializing in eating disorders it’s still hard to get a good handle on what to expect throughout the recovery process. This multi-part series on what to expect as you wind your way towards remission from an eating disorder. 

Weight Gain In Recovery....

Kayla Rose Kotecki - Damn The Diets

I’ve gotten several questions on weight gain in recovery that I’d like to address altogether:

One was: "Can you make a video on weight gain in recovery? How you dealt with it and what the process was for you?"

Another was: "What was your weight gain like? Did you overshoot then lose or readjust? I’m trying to put my faith in the fact my gain will drop away further on in recovery. I’m four months in and feel super uncomfortable in my own skin.."

"Recovering from Anorexia: How and Why Not to Stop Halfway"

Psychology Today

Getting out of no-man's land of partial recovery.

"Overshoot In Eating Disorder Recovery"

Blog Post - Tabitha Farrar

Here’s the deal with overshooting your pre-eating disorder weight in recovery

Hard News About Exercise And Recovery.

Kartini Clinic: Julie O'Toole

"The gist of this article is that many athletes are puzzled by the counterintuitive effects of heavy training and low caloric intake on their weight.  Put bluntly, they expect their weight to go down with such interventions, but it creeps up instead.  Further caloric restriction does not help."

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Potomac Behavioral Solutions


Rock Recovery

Rock Recovery is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that supports the journey to freedom from disordered eating through holistic and accessible recovery programming and community empowerment. 

National Eating Disorders Associtation (NEDA)

National non-profit eating disorders organization. Information, referrals, support, prevention, conferences, and newsletters. offers a lot of information on eating disorder and how to identify them as well as the correlation between eating disorders and substance abuse. Their goal is to educate the public by spreading awareness of this connection.

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