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  • Sara Mann

Practicing What I Preach!


This past week has been exhausting. I had visitors (ones I love of course!) in town last weekend! I feel like I have/had a million appointments, bible studies, a band practice, work, cleaning, blog writing, editing, cooking, meetings, and errands to run and I feel like I have no energy and just can’t get on top of it. When this happens for some reason my body image goes down, my ED thoughts go up and I start to get a little “feisty” to say the least.

So, I looked at my list of things to do, checked in with my completely depleted energy level and realized….it just can’t all be done! I need to practice what I preach and take care of myself, so, this week I was going to write about how I deal with diet talk, but instead, you are getting two paragraphs about how I’m not blogging this week because I have a lot to do, I’m super tired and what I really need is to practice what I preach. I preach that it’s ok to say no! I preach that its ok to practice self-care. I preach that its ok to not be perfect. I preach that when I see a trigger coming I need to slow down, use the stop skill and proceed mindfully. SO…this week I’m saying no to blogging! I’m letting myself know it’s ok to miss a Saturday! The world will keep turning and the last time I checked I’m not Oprah so no one is hanging on to my every word like it's life or death! (Unless you are and if you are, email me and we will talk it through!) I’m overwhelmed and need to re-fill my energy tank so, go ahead and re-read your most loved blogs, or ones you have missed or heck, be like me and take care of yourself this weekend too!

Don’t worry though, I’ll be back next week and I promise you it will be a good one :)


- Sara -

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