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TWO New Resources!!

Hi Everyone!! I hope you all had an amazing week, and if you didn't, let's make this weekend fabulous!

This blog I want to share two new resources that have been helping me get through the past couple of weeks. I've been struggling a LOT with panic and anxiety attacks, and thoughts of wanting to relapse or go on a diet. Recovery certainly isn't linear and I am far from perfect. I have good weeks and bad weeks. I have weeks where I accept my current recovering body and weeks where I just can't stand it anymore and all I want to do is restrict because I swear it will make me happier. (side-note - it never does....) SO, when I have these down days I really need support. The things that help me the most are people and resources that speak truth into my situation. They call out diets for what they are, they remind me of how my body works and what starvation did to it, they promote eating all foods and living in FREEDOM! These two new resources have done exactly that!

Now, I just want to give a quick little disclaimer for all my PG friends. Both of these resources are into the F word. The four letter word we just like to yell out when we stub our toe, the word that honestly is pretty accurate when we think about how hard recovery is and the even worse word, the "D" word...dieting! You know the F word, I don't have to write it! The language iiiiiisn't the cleanest, BUT the truth and the support they give are fantastic, so I've decided to share them even when they are not the most upright when it comes to language and you can decide for yourself if they can be added to your own resource and support box!

The first one is an amazing book! It's called The F*ck It Diet and it's written by Caroline Dooner! It's motto is eating should be easy!! This book is hilarious, authentic, full of facts, truth, science and it's medically sound. Literally after the first chapter I was like"YES!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!" She talks about why dieting doesn't work and she back it up with research and science. She talks about how to heal your relationship with food and heal your body as well as how to regain your mental and emotional stability. Caroline use to be a yo-yo dieter and was stuck in the cycle of dieting, and all the nasty guilt that comes with it. (You KNOW what she's talking about) This book has been amazing and really has helped me soak in the truth when my eating disorder is slamming me with lies. If you want to be on a diet, be on the F*ck it one! Plus, I truly related to her. I've definitely gotten to the point where I just have said F it, I can't stand the bad relationship with food, the guilt, the body shaming, the pain and stress of eating. Her book helps with all of that! She also has a blog and a podcast!

Click HERE to go to her website where you can learn more about her, find out about her podcast, read her blog and order the book! TRUST me it's a great read!

The second resource that has really been talking me off the relapse ledge is and Instagram account. The account is @dietitanspalmvalley. They are anti-diet dietitians and the "call BS on the diet culture!" What I LOVE about this account and how I stumbled upon them was because not only are they constantly posting truth about dieting, macros, carbs, micronutrients, how our bodies work, but the also have this thing called F*ck Diet Culture Friday and it is HILARIOUS and full of truth. It definitely angers the diet lovers, but for those of us recovering and wanted to be FREE, it's absolutely amazing! This account is actually ran by a group of dietitians from Florida. They are true RD's and they believe in health at every size and intuitive eating. If you have an Instagram FOLLOW THEM. You will be scrolling through all the stick figure woman that make you feel inadequate and then BAM you get a post from them that reminds you that carbs are life and dieting is the worst! The talk about my fitness pal, current diet trends, the science of how our body works and how to feed and nourish it well! They are seriously amazing.

Click HERE to go to their website where you can learn more about them and find links to all their social media and helpful resources, like their worksheet on how to stop being hangry!

Click HERE to go to their Instagram!

Here is on of their F*ck Diet Culture Friday videos!

I hope these resources help you get through a hard patch and also help you move towards freedom!!! Seriously though, F diets and our eating disorders!



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